Where to buy the remedy sericum coconum

silk cocoons and silk thread of bombyx mori

silk cocoons and silk thread of bombyx mori

Here are the contact details to the pharmacy Enzian Apotheke in Munich, where you can buy the homeopathic remedy sericum coconum (silk) in different potencies.

Enzian Apotheke
pharmacist Walter Schmitt
Verdistraße 54
81247 Munich

Phone: +49 89 8112675
Fax:+49 89 8116859

I would be very happy, if you could share your experiences by using the remedy sericum coconum (silk) with me.

Until now we have seen the following indications for the use of Sericum coconum:

  • Injury and/or inflammation of tendons and ligaments
  • Fear of traveling, fear to make important decisions in live
  • Fear of flying
  • Symptoms during menopause
  • Skinproblems

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