Welcome at KReativ Naturheilpraxis in Leipzig/Germany. My name is Katrin Rabe and I work as a homeopath and CEASE therapist.

With Cease therapy and Homeopathy I can help you and your children to make improvments in your health state and get further in your personal/spiritual development. Allergies, hay fever, skin diseases, asthma, migraine, depression but also autism are some of the possible diagnoses you can get helped in my practice.

Other services are Coaching for Women and GDV bioelctrography.

Because I do not provide much information in English on this site please don’t hesitate to take contact with me directly. If you would like to make an appointment for homeopathic consultation or Cease therapy, please give me a call on 0049 341 21977535.

All the best Katrin Rabe, Heilpraktikerin